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Welcome to, Your arcade banner exchange.

What is GamersAd? is a 100x100, 125x125, 728x90, 160x600 and 300x250 banner exchange network for games and entertainment sites. It allows you to show banners for your own site on other websites in return for showing banners to other websites on your own site. The result: More visibility and more traffic to your site.

Gamersad is now a arcade click based traffic exchange, so now you earn 9 clicks for every 10 clicks you sent, a 10:9 fixed ratio.

No need to upload your own banner anymore, we now rotate highly targeted banners for you, to insure you always get the best quality traffic.

Multiple banner ad support
Have multiple ads for your site.

Stringent quality control
We manually review every banner ad shown on the network, so you won't get any inappropriate content.

Effective cheater detection
Automatic and manual checks virtually eliminate cheating on the network.

Self targeting
Receive only genuinely interested, highly targeted visitors to your site.

Detailed Member Services Area
Comprehensive statistics and analysis, easy access to technical support and many other features.
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